Veranos Flamencos (Flamenco Summers)

Courses from Monday to Friday and performances every Saturday

Intensive courses and performances by great artists of today’s flamenco scene.

COURSE 2019/2020

Advance enrolment reservation until 31 July 15€ from 01 August 20€.

New course starts on 02 September 2019!

Intensive Sevillanas Course

For those who want to start learning Sevillanas and for advanced learners who want to improve their technique!

Flamenco and Dance school in Madrid

El Lucero is a Flamenco and dance school located in the very heart of Madrid. In addition to regular classes, El Lucero offers exhibitions, courses and workshops in several artistic and wellness disciplines. Hand in hand with their experienced teachers, you will learn to dance, play and sing all the palos (styles) within Flamenco, and you will also acquire the necessary technique to dance each one of them. Moreover, you will learn the techniques and ability to move the “bata de cola” as well as the most recognized dancers of this ancient art.

Flamenco and dance are arts which have no age limits, therefore we offer courses aimed at children and adults, with levels ranging from beginners to intermediate and finally to advanced learners. In addition, we offer master classes for professional musicians, singers and dancers who want to improve their knowledge or learn new techniques.

At the El Lucero school, we approach Flamenco and other dance styles as a whole. Therefore, we offer the chance of learningmany styles, from Spanish, contemporary to ballroom dances, bachata, salsa… as well as activities for physical well-being, emotional and personal growth such as yoga, pilates, zumba, meditation, chi kung, reiki… We also offer music classes through which you can learn to sing or play instruments such as the cajón, guitar, piano …… and we also offer rooms for rent for classes or recordings.

In our flamenco and dance school we offer quality training, based on artistic and emotional expression, knowledge of our body movements, personal development, health and fun. That is why our teachers are a human team that, besides being great professionals, convey in their classes their love and enthusiasm for each artistic discipline.

Classes and Shows

clases y espectáculos

We encourage you to participate in our events such as “Viernes Flamencos” (Flamenco Fridays) and to get to know our dance lessons of Flamenco (for children and adults), sevillanas, danza estilizada and Escuela Bolera. You also have the chance to learn how to sing flamenco, how to play the Spanish guitar (for children, adults or private classes) or the flamenco cajón.

If you are into latin dances, join our salsa, bachata or zumba classes. If, on the other hand, you prefer more modern rhythms, sing up for our contemporary dance classes. Finally, if your thing are the classical dances, you will love our ballroom dances classes.

Also, we don’t forget the importance of connecting body and mind and listening to our body with respect and tenderness. That’s why at El Lucero school we also have Yoga and Pilates, Meditation / Chi Kung and REIKI classes that will help you find not only physical but also emotional balance.

Flamenco Summers

For this summer, we offer you a full month of July where you will be able to receive a master class,
intensive courses and even see these great artists of the current flamenco scene performing.

Rooms for rent

Alquiler de espacios

If you need a space to prepare your choreographies, rehearse a theatre play, film or tv series, teach a course or workshop, make a casting or hold a private event, we put at your disposal six soundproofed rooms with air conditioning and heating fully equipped: mirrors, chairs, sound equipment and WiFi connection. Also, our rooms are prepared for any kind of musical recording. They offer exccelent acoustics and are soundproofed allowing your project to have the perfect sound.


Whether you have time problems that prevent you from following the regular courses or, if you want to try yourself in new learning challenges, you will find in our workshops the best tool to get in touch with Flamenco (both in the field of dance and in the field of singing and “palmeo”, among others), Latin dances, relaxation techniques and oriental meditation (Chi Kung, bioenergetics, REIKI…) and other artistic and musical disciplines different from flamenco and Spanish dances (theatre, Lindy Hop).

The main advantage of our workshops, always taught by our expert teachers, is that they are very practical and designed for the student to acquire the necessary skills in a short time, from just a few hours to several days (depending on the topic chosen).

Upcoming workshops

Our Flamenco classes

Advanced Flamenco dance lessons in Madrid

Memoir of El Lucero school 2018

Upcoming shows

Flamenco Saturdays

Flamenco Saturdays

Sábados Flamencos Live performances every Saturday from 7:45 pm to 9pm, with a wide range of flamenco artists. An unforgettable flamenco show in El Lucero, presented by young artists who combine the flamenco of yesterday and today in a warm and close...

Flamenco show

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