In a society that is increasingly concerned about keeping an active lifestyle, ballet or classical dance is being chosen by many people as the best way to keep fit. Although it has a reputation for being a very demanding dance style, the multiple benefits it brings to our bodies outweigh every drop of sweat.


Ballet is becoming so popular that the number of athletes, both men and women, is increasing and more people are choosing to incorporate this type of dance into their training. The former England footballer Rio Ferdinand, for example, claims that the key to his professional success is ballet. It has helped him to improve his flexibility, balance and body toning.

Most contemporary dance styles are based on classical dance, which is a good option for those who want to exercise but dislike the atmosphere of traditional gyms. Ballet is not only a sport, it is also an art.

Thanks to ballet, which is a fantastic and complete cardiovascular exercise, we will change the weights and machines for a ballet barre and mirrors. We will be able to perform new training routines based on “pliés”, “relevés”, “arabesques”, “relevés”, “elancés”, stretches, turns and jumps to the rhythm of the music.

In every ballet class, according to the level of the students, we work on different parts of the body: arms, legs, feet and ankles, abdominals, buttocks… which, progressively, become stronger and firmer.

Compared to other physical activities where there is a risk of overdeveloping muscles, ballet elongates and slims the figure and leaves your body more toned and elegant.

What are the benefits of doing ballet?

The main benefit for our body is that it tones and slims our figure. While dancing ballet we not only test our muscles and elasticity, but we also work on our body posture and balance.

Doing ballet also results in a strong and healthy core. This part of our body includes both the abdominals and the lower back (obliques, rectus abdominis, pelvic floor, diaphragm, multifidus and transverse abdominis) and plays a very important role in our body posture, balance and stability.

Another great benefit of taking ballet classes is that it is also good for the brain. It is essential to concentrate on each movement, so in addition to moving the body we are also stimulating our mind.

Apart from the task of learning the steps and positions of feet, ankles, hips and arms, our brain has also to calculate the space we have to dance, remember the complete choreography and get us to move to the rhythm of the music. It’s a real challenge for our neurons.

Along with this physical improvement, we will also notice the benefits on an emotional level. Like other physical activities, when doing ballet our body secretes serotonin, which makes us reach a state of well-being and reduces stress.

You will begin to experience positive improvements in emotional well-being and mental health from your very first ballet classes. The rest of the physical benefits will not take long to appear if you attend regularly to your ballet classes, like the ones we teach at Centro El Lucero.

Another advantage of ballet is that it makes us more aware of ourselves and our limits, more disciplined and constant. With perseverance, practice and dedication you will be able to achieve the best version of yourself in every classical dance class.

Do you want to find out all the benefits that ballet can bring to your life?

At El Lucero, we offer ballet classes for children and adults, come and learn to dance with us!