It is well known that music has many advantages for human beings in general, and for children in particular. Music, as an art inherent to the most intimate human expression, has been present in all societies and times. Music is, therefore, a universal cultural manifestation.

The benefits that music brings to human beings are endless. It increases the release of endorphins (which makes us feel happier), reduces anxiety and stress, improves movement and coordination and strengthens our immune system. If we also begin our contact with music when we are young, we will be able to enjoy the benefits of the 4th art earlier and for a longer period of time.
One of the most popular instruments among children is the Spanish guitar. The Spanish guitar allows experimentation with multiple styles. One of the most outstanding and beautiful is the Flamenco style.

It is considered that children are physically and mentally mature enough to play the guitar from the age of 7-8 years old.  From that age, children are strong enough to hold the guitar and agile with their fingers to be able to play the strings. Likewise, playing the guitar, like any other instrument, requires a certain ability to concentrate that is difficult to achieve in younger children. The most important thing is that children feel comfortable with the instrument and that they see it as a moment of learning and having fun, not as an imposition.

Some of the benefits of playing the guitar from an early age are the following:

Improves the ability to memorise

When learning any piece of music, different brain functions work, and one of them is memorisation. Remembering how to place the fingers, how to play a chord, how to use the pick correctly… all these little steps make children work their memory capacity constantly.

Improves the ability to concentrate

Nowadays it is becoming more difficult for us to concentrate on anything. The constant stimuli that surround us (television, computers, mobile phones) lead us to the constant consumption of volatile information. Multitasking is increasingly common. Who hasn’t had the experience of doing several things at the same time and then feeling like you’re not really doing any of them?

Playing a musical instrument, in this case the guitar, helps to focus all physical and mental efforts on one thing. Without noise and outside stimuli, children learn to concentrate on something they are passionate about, which also helps them to develop their will and determination. This valuable skill is also applicable to other areas, such as school or family life.

Better physical condition

Playing an instrument brings numerous advantages in terms of physical health. It helps to control and get to know one’s own body, to manage breathing and to adopt a correct body posture. Moreover, music releases endorphins and is associated with a decrease in anxiety and stress.

They learn to listen to others

Both private lessons with a teacher and group lessons, help children learn to listen to themselves and to others. They develop their capacity for self-criticism by detecting their own mistakes, they learn about the mistakes of others and how to listen to their own and the group’s emotions. In addition, children learn to respect silences and to know when it is their turn to play. In other words, it is also an excellent exercise of self-discipline.

They learn to be tolerant and to improve their self-esteem

In group classes, children will interact with their classmates, so it helps them to develop social skills. Being part of a group also encourages them to develop their sense of responsibility: to respect others and themselves. Furthermore, children improve their self-esteem by engaging in an activity that makes them lose their fear and take risks, which gives them confidence and security.

Do you want your children to enjoy the numerous benefits that playing the guitar has?

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