Dance classes

At El Lucero we have flamenco and dance classes adapted to all levels and tastes. From those who have not yet been initiated into the art of flamenco to those who already move with ease dancing sevillanas, tangos, alegrías, soleás…






Flamenco dance classes

The alegrías, bulerías, seguiriyas, fandangos, tangos, soleá… do not have a fixed choreography, so learning is aimed at differentiating the beats, improvising and learning basic steps that you can then combine with each other. To do this, we recommend our Flamenco courses, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced, both for children and adults.

Sevillanas classes

Sevillanas are, without a doubt, the most internationally recognised Spanish dance. Deeply linked to Andalucía, its cheerful music is the essential accompaniment to any fair in Andalucía. Unlike other Spanish dances, the sevillanas have fixed steps for each of the four parts into which the dance is divided (the first, second, third and fourth).

Flamenco guitar classes

One of the basic instruments of flamenco is the flamenco guitar. In our flamenco guitar course you will learn from the correct way to seat to the different strumming techniques characteristic of flamenco sounds and its rhythms. Also, since learning to play flamenco guitar has no age limit, we have courses for both children and adults.





Flamenco Cajón classes

What would flamenco be without the sound of the flamenco cajón? Learning to play this instrument is certainly an art. To help you, we have flamenco cajón courses in which we will teach you everything you need to play this percussion instrument like a flamenco artist.

Zumba classes

Besides Flamenco and Spanish dance courses, at El Lucero we also have zumba classes, a sport that combines aerobic exercises with Latin rhythms (merengue, samba, reggaeton, cumbia and salsa). A great way to benefit from the best of sports and dance and have a good time while burning about 1,500 calories.

Yoga & Pilates classes

Along with intense physical activity courses, at El Lucero we also have alternatives for those looking for more relaxing activities that connect our physical and spiritual sides. For them we have Yoga and Pilates courses, which are not just exercise, but activities in which we practise controlled movements for the body and mind.







Danza estilizada classes

In the danza estilizada courses you will acquire the technical knowledge of several styles of Spanish dance. You will also learn choreographies that display the art, imagination, musicality and magic necessary for a good performing of the Spanish dance.

Escuela Bolera classes

As experts in offering flamenco and Spanish dance training, at Centro El Lucero we also have Escuela bolera classes. Escuela bolera is a dance style that combines classical dance, Spanish dance and popular Spanish dances of great technical complexity. Learn with us the keys of the Escuela Bolera.

Classes for children

At the El Lucero Flamenco and Dance school we have classes for children such as flamenco, ballet, predanza, danza estilizada, flamenco cajón, guitar, zumba, pilates and yoga so that they can learn to move and play from an early age two flamenco instruments as the cajón and the guitar.







Ballet classes

At El Lucero we offer ballet classes for all levels, designed both for those who have no previous knowledge of classical dance and for advanced dancers. We will teach you not only the movements and the five basic ballet positions, but also the technique of classical dance.

Salsa classes

Salsa consists of a mixture of son mambo, Cuban rumba, guaguancó, yambú, guaracha and other rhythms enriched with instruments such as saxophone, trumpet or trombone. Fixed steps are learned from basic choreographies to ensure the best learning.

Flamenco singing

Our flamenco singing classes in Madrid are an essential option for those who want to immerse themselves in the art of flamenco through their voice.



APDE training

Training on Spanish Dance and Flamenco by the Spanish Flamenco dancer Carmen La Talegona.

The basic Flamenco steps

Although each of the flamenco styles has its own peculiarities, there are three basic steps that are present in all of them and that you need to know to be able to dance flamenco and your first flamenco choreography: the “taconeo”, the “palmeo” and the “braceo”. Take note!


Flamenco zapateao is one of the basics of this dance and doing it well is an art. When we are talking about “zapateao” we are referring to all those rhythms that are performed by hitting the ground with the feet. Did you know that both men and women wear high heels with nails in tip and heel so that when dancing on the tablao (which has a wooden surface) the zapateao sounds?

Without that sound, which marks the rhythm of each flamenco style, this dance loses part of its essence. In our flamenco courses you will learn to differentiate all the flamenco styles in order to correctly “zapatear” each one of them and follow the rhythm of the flamenco cajón.


The palmas are another basic of flamenco. They are performed either by tapping with the fingers of one hand on the palm of the other or by making the palms of the two hands sound. They serve to mark the rhythm of the dance. In addition, they can be “secas” (when we want to emphasize the best moments and we just hit one palm against the other) or “sordas” (when we create a hole between our palms when hitting one on the other).

The flamenco palmas guide us in the zapateao and have different rhythms depending on whether we are dealing with sevillanas, a joy, a bulería, a fandango, a seguiriya, a toná, a tango… Each of these varieties transmits emotions and therefore requires a different style of palmeo. Take a look at our palmeo workshops to learn how to palm like a true flamenco artist!


Braceo is probably one of the most eye-catching aspects of flamenco. Braceo is the way in which bailaoras and bailaores move their arms and hands and embellish the art of flamenco. As in the previous cases, there are different styles and basic positions according to the type of flamenco we are dancing, but do not worry, because in our courses you will learn to move your arms vividly and to have the most stylized flamenco posture thanks to our danza estilizada course. In our danza estilizada course we teach you not only to dance but also to transmit the passion of the Spanish dance through body language.