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Ballet or classical dance is a dance discipline focused on the total control of the body and its movements. Unlike other dances, in which improvisation occurs often and dancers are free to move arms and legs, each of the ballet steps is coded and corresponds to a specific position of feet, legs, knees, arms, hands, shoulders and trunk.

A large part of the later dance styles are based on these movements due to their technique in the positioning of the different axes of the body and of the body posture, which allow turns and elevations to be made without losing balance.

Although its origins trace back to Renaissance Italy, it was not until the reign of Louis XIV (“the Sun King”) that Balthazar de Beaujoyeulx gave it the name of ballet and the French choreographer and dancer Pierre Beachamps created the five basic positions of the ballet feet. The Académie Royale de la Dance (Royal Dance Academy), the first classical dance school, was also born at this time, making ballet a profession for the first time.

Clase de ballet infantil

Clase de ballet para niños

Just as in flamenco a special type of footwear is used for the “taconeo” (foot tapping), in the case of ballet a type of special shoes called “puntas”, are worn. Ballet dancers begin to wear them once they have sufficient muscular strength in their feet and calves to be able to maintain their own weight on the tip of the foot.

Wearing the puntas, who have a hard tip and are tied to the leg with ribbons, dancers are able to perform choreographies such as “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty” or the “Nutcracker”, in which dancers perform many pirouettes and jumps on their tips.

At Centro El Lucero we offer ballet classes, with groups for both children and adults and levels from beginner to advanced. In them we will teach you the technique of classical dance, the five basic positions of the ballet and other movements such as pliés (demi-pliés and grand-pliés) or relevés. You will also be able to improve your coordination, your balance, your elasticity and your muscles while having fun dancing ballet.

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