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Dancing is one of the most enjoyable activities for any child. Rare is the kid whose feet don’t start moving when the music plays, many times even before they learn to walk. At the Centro de Flamenco y Danza El Lucero we are aware of this and that is why we have classes for children in flamenco dance, ballet, predanza, danza estilizada, flamenco cajón, guitar, zumba, pilates and yoga so that they can learn to move and play from an early age two instruments so typical of flamenco as the cajón and the guitar.

Flamenco dance classes for children

As a school specialized in the teaching of flamenco and Spanish dance, at El Lucero we offer flamenco dance classes from the age of three. An ideal age to learn the basics of zapateado, the basic steps of flamenco and to move the arms and hands with grace.

Ballet classes for children

One of the dances girls feel most attracted to is ballet, especially the ballerina shoes, with their tips and satin strips around the leg, the delicate jerseys and the ethereal tutus worn by the ballet dancers. At El Lucero we have children’s ballet courses in which they will learn the techniques of classical dance, the basis of most dances, in a playful and fun way.

Predanza classes for children

One of the ways in which children express themselves is music. In the Predanza Course for Children we prepare them for their psychic, sensory, perceptive, physical and motor development with music and play as the first contact with dance and ballet. Not only will they learn to recognize their own body and handle it with expressiveness, but we will also work on the coordination of their movements, their psychomotricity and their rhythmic ability so that they are able to guess what music sounds and adapt their movements to the rhythm marked by the melody.

Flamenco Cajón classes for children

Percussion is one of the first contacts with the sound of any girl or boy. With the Flamenco Cajón Course for Children they will be able to explore their percussionist facet and learn about one of the most flamenco musical instruments: the cajón flamenco. Through this course they will get their rhythmic sense stimulated through the wide range of sounds offered by the different flamenco palos (styles) and they will acquire the bases to play this instrument.

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Spanish guitar classes for children

At the Centro de Flamenco y Danza El Lucero we have Spanish guitar lessons specially adapted to the age of each student, so that girls and boys can learn to play the Spanish guitar with ease from an early age. Our main goal is that they learn to play gradually and in a playful and entertaining way so that little by little they are able to master the Spanish guitar and know all its secrets.

Zumba classes for children

Zumba is an aerobic physical activity recommended at any age. That’s why at El Lucero we have zumba courses for children with classes adapted for girls and boys. They will use the original choreographies of the zumba courses for adults where the steps are learned little by little. In addition, games and activities are added to each session to make the zumba classes even more fun. True dance parties full of energy for the enjoyment of the little ones.

Pilates and Yoga classes for children

The Pilates Method is a physical training that has no age limit and is based on six basic principles: concentration, control, centralization, movement flow, precision and breathing. Pilates is an activity highly recommended for girls and boys since it develops correct body posture. That’s why at El Lucero we have Pilates Courses for children to learn, in a balanced and natural way, to express themselves with the body.

Another good way to connect body and mind is yoga. In the yoga courses for children at El Lucero, girls and boys will have the opportunity to increase coordination, self-awareness and self-esteem while stretching and strengthening their body.


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