Escuela Bolera classes in Madrid

As a school specialized in the teaching of flamenco and Spanish dance in El Lucero we offer Escuela Bolero classes. A very unique style of dance, with an elaborate staging, which has its roots in Spanish dance and classical dance and a great technical complexity.

Escuela bolera en Madrid

Arising in the seventeenth century with the influence of the court dances of France and Italy, it was not until the eighteenth century when the Escuela Bolera lived its maximum splendor in the heat of the Spanish folk dances and, already in the nineteenth century, began to emerge the first academies, such as Amparo La Campanera, which spread the Escuela Bolera not only throughout Spain but also the rest of Europe. Little by little this dance merged steps of classic dance with elements of folklore, costumbrista theater and zarzuela.

Characteristic of this type of dance are its braceos, its elegance and dexterity in the handling of the “palillos” (sticks) or the “castañuelas” (castanets), without forgetting their movements: the atabalillos, briseles, bordoneos, caballito, cabriola, campanelas, cargados, carrerillas, cunas, destaques, escobillas, encajes, quiebros, flic-flac, jerezanas altas y bajas, lazos, lisadas, llamadas, matalaraña, pasos de rodón, de vasco, valenciano, de vuelta y de buré, piflax, piruetas, quiebros, rastrones, retiradas, retortillés, rodazanes, saltos, seases y contra seases, sostenidos, soussou, sissonne, temps de cuisse, tijeras, trenzados, vueltas..

The use of castañuelas in the Escuela Bolera creates two types of dances with two types of different techniques: bolero dances, in which the dancers perform choreographies with jumps, turns and steps of great difficulty; and those of palillos, in which the movements are at ground level and, in addition to incorporating the castañuelas, shoes or chapines are used to heel.

In the Escuela Bolera classes of El Lucero you will have the opportunity to learn all the movements that characterise this speciality of Spanish dance, from which other dances such as flamenco have taken many elements from, and to play the palillos, one of the most Spanish musical instruments, in the style of the Escuela Bolera.

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