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Although nowadays it has become, together with the flamenco guitar, one of the basic instruments of flamenco, the truth is that the inclusion of the cajón into flamenco is something relatively recent. It was the guitarist Paco de Lucía who, while on tour in Peru, discovered this percussion instrument and decided to add it to his performances by merging it with flamenco music.

Everybody liked the combination of the flamenco cajón and the flamenco guitar so much that it seems that always the flamenco cajón has been in flamenco like the palmeo and the taconeo. So much so and it is hard to imagine a flamenco performance without it.

But, although the flamenco cajón comes from the Peruvian cajón, there are some differences between the two instruments that make their sounds slightly different. For example, in the case of the flamenco cajón the sounds are sharper, an effect that is achieved by tightening the screws less.

In addition, flamenco cajones are made from birch while Peruvian cajones use other woods such as cedar or mahogany.

In our flamenco cajón classes we will teach you everything you need to know to learn to play the flamenco cajón, from the most basic to an intermediate level. Our programs are designed for you to learn the different techniques of this musical instrument, the rhythmical patterns of flamenco (such as rumba, tangos, bulerías, tanguillos, soleás or fandangos), to improvise and make entries, exits and falsetas, to build flamenco songs and to accompany dancers on stage.

Whether you have no previous knowledge of the flamenco cajón or you have already had contact and are in intermediate level of flamenco cajón and you want to learn more about this percussion instrument, we have flamenco cajón classes for you.

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