Flamenco guitar classes in Madrid

The flamenco guitar is the typical Spanish instrument, essential in any flamenco singing and dancing session. Learning to play the flamenco guitar well is an art that at Centro El Lucero we will help you to master with our of expert professional teachers.

Clases de guitarra flamenca

Daniel Yague

Flamenco guitar teacher

As music is a discipline that does not have age, among our Flamenco guitar classes you will find three alternatives: Flamenco Guitar Classes in group for children, Flamenco Guitar Group Courses for adults and Flamenco Guitar Private Classes so that you can benefit from all the advantages of individual teaching.

So, whether you are just starting out with the Spanish guitar and are looking for Spanish guitar lessons in Madrid where you can learn how to become the guitarist you want to be as if you already took Spanish guitar lessons years ago and are interested in retaking this hobby, Centro El Lucero we have Spanish guitar lessons for you.

Because our Spanish guitar classes are aimed at both students with previous knowledge or who already have an advanced level and those who want to start in this instrument and still do not know the parts of the guitar or the basic chords.

The teacher will teach you from how to place your hands on the Spanish guitar to strumming techniques,the different touches of the different flamenco palos (styles), as well as the flamenco technique, rhythm and beat depending on the type of flamenco and the context in which we play.

The essential characteristic of our flamenco guitar classes is the comprehensive training of the flamenco guitarist, where the three aspects of this profession are taken into account: the “toque para el baile” (to play for others to dance), the “toque para el cante” (to play for others to sing) and the “concierto” (to play in a concert).

Classes for children and adults

For those who want to start or improve their flamenco guitar studies.

Harmony classes applied to flamenco guitar

For flamenco guitarists who want to broaden their vision and guitarists from other genres who want to get closer to the language of flamenco.

Scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios. Typical progressions within flamenco palos. Substitution of chords. Modulations. Elements of creativity and composition.

Daniel Yague


Andrés Heredia


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