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Our flamenco singing classes in Madrid are an essential option for those who want to immerse themselves in the art of flamenco through their voice.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, “Cante Flamenco” is the popular Andalusian singing with gypsy style. This gives us an idea of how much the gypsies had to do with the emergence of this art form. Born in Andalusia, it started to be considered a musical genre in the mid-nineteenth century.

Most of its lyrics delve into love, life, and death. Flamenco singing is the purest expression of the coexistence between cultures and the cultural mix of the Andalusian people: when in 1492 the Catholic Kings forced the citizens to convert to Catholicism, peoples such as gypsies, Muslims and Jews resisted. The subsequent persecutions brought them together and flamenco singing emerged as a cry for freedom and the most heartbreaking expression of the human soul.

Although the precise origins of flamenco singing are unknown, it is believed that its cradle is Jerez de la Frontera, province of Cadiz, and that it later spread throughout the entire Andalusian region. Currently, flamenco singing is an inseparable part of flamenco art, the most representative of Spanish culture worldwide, which is why it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010 by UNESCO.

The nakedness of its lyrics, capacity of synthesis and great feeling make flamenco singing an art that reaches the five senses. They usually classify flamenco singing according to the type of feelings they express, such as “cante chico” (happy and light), “cante jondo” or “cante grande”, “pa’lante” or “pa’tras” singing, in which a large number of styles or “palos” are grouped together. There are as many flamenco songs according to the palo (flamenco form) to which they belong (Alegrías, Farruca, Bulería, Alboreá, Campanilleros, etc) and as many ways of feeling it as the “duende” has the cantaor or cantaora on stage.

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