Modern Dance Classes in Madrid

In addition to our flamenco and Spanish dance classes, at Centro El Lucero we offer classes in more modern styles such as Funky, Musical Jazz and Contemporary dance. Three very different styles that you will be able to learn in our dance school with our teachers specialized in each one of these dance styles.

At this moment the Modern Dance classes have been discontinued at the school. Please check a list of available classes.

Funky, Jazz and Contemporary in Madrid

Musical Jazz

Musical jazz is a variety of modern, free-style dance, which emerged in the nineteenth century as a popular dance, due to the adaptation of black social dances by white peoples. Its main characteristic is that it is intended to be danced on stage, with choreographies full of energy and rapid changes.

The dancers not only use their bodies to dance, in this style of dance is also very important the dramatization of the choreography: gestures, postures, gestural expressiveness … that accompany the music and dance steps, which borrows from other styles, from ballet to funky, disco, rockamp;& roll, twist or hip-hop.

In our Musical Jazz classes you will learn all the movements, jumps, turns and techniques of this dance style,, but also how to transmit and express, with your own body, the emotions of choreography and music.

funky jazz contemporáneo en madrid


Contemporary dance

The contemporary dance is based on the movements of the Classical Dance or Ballet, to which it transmits a greater freedom and expressiveness. In this type of dance the body and its freedom of movements play a very important role. The dancer expresses feelings through them, mixing ballet and other movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

In our contemporary dance classes you will get to know your body and work on the techniques of this type of dance at the same time as you learn different artistic resources in order to create your own choreographies and make improvisations, both individually and in groups.


Funky is a dance style that emerged in the 1960s on the streets of major cities in the United States. Influenced by Soul and Rithm & Blues, it uses urban music to create choreographies with a wide range of aerobic movements at a fast and marked pace, making it a good activity to be fit and lose weight.

In our funky classes you will learn the basic steps of this street dance style that has influenced hip-hop and you will improve your stamina, strength and coordination while training your memory by remembering each step and choreography.


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