Reiki classes in Madrid

Since the origin of time human beings have used their hands as a way of healing all kinds of illnesses. This is the case of Reiki, a holistic technique coming from Japan that balances our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through a technique of transferring vital energy with the hands.

At this moment the Reiki classes have been discontinued at the school. Please check a list of available classes.

The word Reiki is formed by two different words: Rei which means universal, without limits; and Ki, which means vital energy. It is based on a basic principle: when our vital energy (Ki) is strong, we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy, while when it is low we can become unbalanced or ill.

One of the ways through which we can recover that vital force necessary for the whole equilibrium of the human being is through Reiki. Reiki is available to everyone, without limitation of gender, age or state of health.

Because to practice Reiki you don’t need any special condition, neither complex nor long-lasting training, its activation is done through initiations or pairings and, once channel or channels are open they are always available.

In total, Reiki is divided into three stages or levels:

  • Reiki 1. To know the functioning of energy in the body and the conflicts generated by its mismanagement.

  • Reiki 2. A step forward in the management of energies of the body, with the aim of creating an impact in other aspects of your mental and emotional life (personal projects and aspirations, affective, work or family relationships…).

  • Reiki 3. It teaches advanced techniques to make Reiki sessions more effective.

  • Mastery. This level allows you to initiate and teach other people in Reiki.

Clases de reiki en Madrid

  • Development of consciousness.
  • Increased inner energy.
  • Release of emotions.
  • Healing at all levels.
  • Eliminates tensions.  
  • Fights Anxiety and Depression.
  • It looks for the cause of the illness.

With our Reiki classes you will receive all the necessary theoretical training and practice enough so that you can do Reiki from day one and channel energy through your hands for self-healing or healing others in chronic illnesses, fatigue, nervous states and stress or insomnia.

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