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Sevillanas are, without a doubt, the most internationally recognised Spanish dance. Deeply linked to Andalucía, its cheerful music is the essential accompaniment to any Fair in Andalucía, such as the Feria de Abril (April Fair) or the Feria de Jerez (Jerez Fair), in which it is almost essential to know how to dance sevillanas.


Unlike other Spanish dances, the sevillanas have fixed steps for each of the four parts into which the dance is divided (the first sevillana, the second sevillana, the third sevillana and the fourth sevillana):

  • El paso de sevillanas: the most important, as it is repeated in the four sevillanas.

  • La Pasada: one of the easiest steps for even the beginners in sevillanas.

  • El Giro: The step used when the music sounds.

  • El Zapateado: one of the most imitated movements of the sevillanas, which consists of taconear on the floor.

  • El Paso de Vals: a movement with a little more complexity but very eye-catching and beautiful when executed well.

But, in addition to the feet, in the dance of Sevillanas the arms and hands also come into play. Learning to move your arms and hands with grace and brilliance is also fundamental when dancing sevillanas. With our Sevillanas Classes you will be able to dance them like a Flamenco artist.

If you want to take regular classes throughout the course,
Centro El Lucero’s Sevillanas Classes
are the best option. Once a week our teacher Patricia Ferrero will help you to improve your Sevillanas level.

Bear in mind that it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of sevillanas because in our school we only have an intermediate level group, not an initiation level.

Marta Aramburu


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