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At this moment the Dance for tablao classes have been discontinued at the school. Please check a list of available classes.

If there are some places worthy of being considered “Temples of Flamenco” these are the flamenco tablaos. Places where you can enjoy flamenco shows and that have maintained the tradition of this ancestral Spanish dance, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

These places emerged in the 1960s as heirs to the “Cafés cantantes”, which complemented the service of a café with different popular shows. Thus, the most important flamenco dancers of the world, both past and present, have danced in tablaos flamencos.

From the historic Tablao “Los Canasteros” (now disappeared) to the “Corral de la Morería” (one of the best known in Madrid), passing through the tablao in Sevilla “Los Gallos” or the Barcelona Tablao “El Cordobés”. All of them have been home of the most renowned flamenco dancers.

A large part of the training of flamenco artists of all times and their greatest learnings have undoubtedly taken place on a flamenco tablao. Because on its boards you dance, you heel, you sing, you play the guitar and the cajón, you hand-clap and, above all, you put a lot of feeling.

At the Centro El Lucero, as experts in flamenco and Spanish dance, as well as flamenco dance classes (for children and adults), cajón and flamenco guitar, we also offer flamenco lovers dance classes for tablao.

These are courses specifically designed to introduce students in this way of dancing flamenco, to the rhythm of live music, live singing, clapping and “zapateao”. In this type of dance there are no previous rehearsals.

Each flamenco dance performance in a tablao is unique and unrepeatable, like a jazz improvisation, to make a musical simile. Keys that you will learn in the tablao dance classes of El Lucero with our experienced staff of teachers, great experts in the art of flamenco.

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