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Yoga and Pilates are two very trendy disciplines that, although complementary, have their own principles and characteristics. While Yoga has its main focus in meditation, in Pilates the goal is to create safe movements to have healthy joints and muscles which allow to stabilize the body.

In fact, Yoga is not considered a physical activity, but a lifestyle based on the union body-mind-soul. To achieve this balance, meditation techniques and different postures or asanas are used to set in motion all the muscle groups of the body.

The different Yoga postures, in addition to making us gain flexibility and coordination, help us to concentrate and listen to our body, identifying how it responds to the postures we ask our body to do.

Finally, the Pilates and yoga classes usually include a moment of meditation in which we find a comfortable posture to disconnect from the outside world and be at peace with ourselves for a few moments.

As for Pilates, it is important to know that it was born out of its creator’s own need to exercise and his work as a nurse rehabilitating the wounded during the First World War. With these experiences he laid the foundations of the Pilates method (concentration, control, precision, fluidity of movement, breathing and control of the body), which aims for us to move as much as possible but with as little effort as possible.

Yoga y Pilates

Practicing Pilates is very beneficial to improve our body posture, as it manages to avoid imbalance in our body, especially those related to the spine, which is the axis of our body.

At the Centro El Lucero we offer training in Pilates and Yoga for beginners and advanced students, so that you can enroll in a separate Yoga or Pilates course or combine both disciplines to improve your muscle tone and flexibility and to make your breathing more effective and conscious.

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