Cinema has given us countless opportunities to discover all the advantages and wonders that the world of dance has to offer. From stories of self-improvement, inner discovery, achieving fame and stardom, love stories… there are many films that have made the world of dance their main theme (or at least an important part of it).

And this is not a coincidence. Dance is the oldest of all the arts, prior even to artistic expressions such as music, painting or sculpture. It is impossible to trace the origin of dance because dance was born with humanity itself. In the Stone Age, primitive people were already dancing in order to communicate and to understand the world around them.

Dance has been, is and will be a form of intimate expression where the dancer pours out his or her emotions and desires and decides (or not) to share them with the world.

To encourage you to discover the countless advantages and benefits of dancing, we have decided to put together some of the films about dancing that will make you want to learn to dance ipso facto:

1. Dirty Dancing

A real classic from the 80s. Starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, it tells the love story between a dance teacher and his student, who have to overcome multiple family difficulties. Despite the fact that they belong to different social classes, dance manages to unite what seemed impossible in the American society of that time. The film’s famous song (I’ve had) the Time of My Life won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

2. Billy Elliot

This 2000 British film is set during the UK miners’ strike of 1984-1985. The main character is Billy Elliot, an eleven-year-old boy who discovers that dancing is his passion. When his father decides to enrol him in boxing classes, he sees a ballet class at the same school. He hid all this from his father, who, when he found out, forbade him to continue. Thanks to his perseverance and the support of his dance teacher, he decides to continue fighting for his dream.

3. Flashdance

And we return to the 80s classics. Set in the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), the film tells the story of Alex Owens, a girl who dreams of making it in the world of dance. She works in the steel industry during the day and as a dancer in a cabaret at night in order to earn a living and make her dream come true. When her boss sees her dancing, he falls in love with her and gets her an audition in which the judges are reluctant because of her lack of dance training since childhood.

4. Black Swan

American thriller that made viewers’ skin crawl in 2010. Starring Natalie Portman, the film is about the desire to succeed, the desire to excel and the social pressure that drives to liberation. Black Swan is a descent into hell and into the psyche of a ballet dancer who would give her life and her sanity to fulfill her dream.

5. Grease

Not many people can say they don’t know this wonderful musical film. Who wouldn’t like to be Danny Zuko or Sandy Olsson and live one of their high school adventures? It all starts with a summer fling between the two main characters who meet again when they enrol in high school. Funny stories, music, dancing, and outfits that still inspire many 80s parties today!

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