Flamenco and dance school in Madrid

The flamenco and dance center El Lucero, located in the heart of Madrid, was born from the need to transmit the values of flamenco from the professional rigor, commitment, dedication and love for the profession, whatever your age and level. A high performance center that seeks excellence in the teaching of flamenco and Spanish dance.

Our center of Flamenco and Spanish Dance was specially created to give you a state-of-the-art teaching, practical and didactic contribution, in the learning and improvement of Flamenco, Spanish Dance and Spanish Folklore. For this, we have a team of perfectly trained teachers, who will show you and bring you closer to this world-renowned and considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity, so that you only have to worry about learning and enjoying a friendly, cheerful and creative atmosphere.

El Lucero is a school of reference not only for amateur students and beginners, but also for professionals in the world of dance and flamenco. A space focused by and for flamenco, a center for everyone, where amateurs and professionals, children and adults have a place.

A space open to anyone who, like ourselves, love dance and flamenco above all.

Concha Paniagua


María Cruz

Assistant Director and Artistic Director