05 and 06 December 2020

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Madrid is considered the capital of flamenco in Spain. Although it has probably arisen in the region of Andalusia, it is in the Spanish capital where the great names of the most popular Spanish art in the world jump to fame.

In Madrid we can find flamenco shows almost every day of the year, in “tablaos” with a lot of history, or in other more modern ones like in El Lucero, with our traditional “Sábados Flamencos“.

In 2020 we will reach flamenco lovers all over the world with the 1st International Flamenco and Spanish Dance Contest. Organized by El Lucero and Carmen La Talegona, it will be a unique opportunity for schools and professionals from all over the world to demonstrate their talent at the mythical Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Flamenco and Spanish dance shows, a flamenco fashion show and a Master Class will give rhythm and color to two memorable days in which Madrid will become the world capital of Flamenco.


Círculo de Bellas Artes, Teatro Fernando Rojas

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Rafael Amargo

Pastora Galván - Jury

Pastora Galván

Juan Parrilla

Juan Parrilla

Aída Gómez

Aída Gómez

Emilio Ochando

Emilio Ochando

Did you know the symbolism of our logo?

Logotipo certamen bicolor

Origin of the name “Mayrit”

According to the researcher Jaime Oliver, the origin of the name of the Spanish capital, is prior to the Muslim period, going back to a temporary Visigoth settlement called “Matrice” or mother of waters (in reference to its situation around a large fountain that emanated a stream that flowed towards the Manzanares River).

Later the Muslims, taking advantage of the abundance of aquifers and the privileged defensive position of the enclave, established Mayrit in the IX century. Hybrid name of the Arabic word “Magra” which means watercourse, and the romance suffix “it” which indicates abundance, thus conforming the meaning of “abundant place of waters”.

Thus, in reference to this name, the first emblem of Madrid arose: “I went over built water, my walls are made of fire, this is my emblem and my coat of arms”.

Design creation

If you look closely, you will find a spot behind the M de Mayrit, which refers to and reflects the silhouette that makes up the historic center of Madrid.

When choosing the colors, we based ourselves on the chromatic chord of happiness:

  • Love: red
  • Health: green
  • Wealth: golden

However, if we broaden the symbolism of each color we find: courage and passion in red, hope and good luck in green and wealth not only referring to the material field, but focusing mainly on the cultural field, in gold.

Art and design: María Cruz Paniagua


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