Aída Gómez Aguda, born in Madrid in 1967, is a Spanish director, dancer, and choreographer of Spanish classical dance and flamenco. She began dancing at a very early age, firstly learning Spanish Classical dance and Classical Ballet. At the age of 12, she graduated with high honors from the Superior Dance Conservatory of Madrid and, two years later, she joined the Spanish National Ballet, of which she became First Dancer (1982-1998) and finally Director (1998-2001), thus becoming the youngest director of the Spanish National Ballet.

Throughout her long and excellent career, she has shared the stage and worked with artists and renowned authors such as Antonio Gades, Julio Bocca, Joaquín Cortés, Antonio Canales, Carlos Saura, Igor Yebra, Bigas Luna and Juan Parrilla, to mention just a few.

In 2015 she was appointed director of the International Dance Festival and in 2016, director of the Suma Flamenca Festival, one of the biggest and most recognized flamenco festivals in Spain and abroad. Aída Gómez has taken her art and passion for dance all over the world, having won many awards along the way.

Among them, we can find the Silver Medal from the Teatro de Bellas Artes de México (2000), the National Dance Award from the Spanish Ministry of Culture (2004), the Woman from the Year Award for her professional career from Glamou Magazine (2005), the APDE Award from the Association of Spanish Dance Teachers (2008), the Culture Award from the Community of Madrid (2008), and the Gold Medal for Merit at Work from the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security (2017).

The I International Flamenco and Spanish Dance Competition, organized by the El Lucero Flamenco and Dance School and the Spanish dancer Carmen La Talegona, will have the honor of having Aída Gómez as a member of the jury.

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I International Flamenco and Spanish Dance Competition