The show Amores Flamencos

“You desperately seek your soul from the hell of your eternal solitude, awaiting the arrival of a longed-for resurrection.”

From June 29 to July 17 at the Teatro La Latina

The concept

This show was born to bring out the creativity of the remains of what has been lived. A show that tells the spectator from the flamenco dance, a universal history, the cycle of life, and the respect to the Mother Earth, that yields, again and again, the witness of the creation to the next generations, and invites us to the evolution, to gather the testimony of our ancestors, always from the respect to our roots.

Throughout the piece we will see the artists feeling and transmitting the passion and truth of Spanish art, dissolving their soul between the steps of the flamenco dance. Using light as architecture, we will create a concept that allows the spectator to identify the story, a current reality, in which we will find one of the main characters “Mother Nature”, that teacher, (played by the dancer Carmela Greco), who tucks us in and teaches us, in the scene that opens the show we will see the silhouette of our destiny, she will be especially opening the earth, fading and being swallowed by an impressive image as if it were a volcano, and becoming the seed, from which new life will flourish, (interpreted by the dancer Maria Cruz) to cause everything to be reborn again.

A cast of young performers will participate, who begin by being detained in an unreal time, situated in a disturbing atmosphere, organic yet dark, that will become a chrysalis, transforming darkness into light and color.

The message

The space in which the artists live is the only place to allow the dialogue with the soul. Forgetting this is like being blind to the best vaccine. That is why this show transmits the message of respect and commitment to which we, as human beings, should devote ourselves, showing Spanish flamenco dance, from different aspects, with a fresh, current, and talented cast of musicians and dancers, with a brave choreography that will let us feel the heartbeat of the land we inhabit. Amores Flamencos is a beautiful fable that invites us to the joy and jubilation of the dance ceremony.

The show

The show will last 1 hour and 20 minutes. For the show”Amores Flamencos” the soundtrack has been created and will be played by 7 musicians live, a tour of flamenco palos with original creations.

This music will be played by 9 dance performers, who will take us by the hand, with their passion and skill, to enjoy a beautiful event as spectators.

For the wardrobe of this show, we have counted on the designs of Rosa Garcia Andújar and the confections and treatments of fabrics of Maria Calderón.

Main dancer

The show”Amores Flamencos” presents the dancer Maria Cruz, an emerging star of the flamenco world, who is called to be one of the great artists of the current Spanish dance scene.

She will show us her light in the theater scene for the first time in her career, as the reincarnation of the great figures of flamenco, who were the inspiration, and reference to reinvent the new forms and generations of dancers, shining and evolving until our days.

Director and choreographer

The artistic and choreographic direction of”Amores Flamencos” is in charge of Carlos Rodriguez. A creator of wide spectrum, who has traveled the five continents bringing his own company and absorbing the essences of different cultures, to enrich and transform the Spanish dance with his particular vision of flamenco.

  • Carlos Rodríguez

Founder of the Rojas y Rodríguez Company (New Spanish Ballet). He began his dance studies at the age of 8 and continued his training through various disciplines of classical ballet, Spanish dance and flamenco, with teachers such as Mariemma, Alberto Lorca, Carmen Roche, Ciro, Carmina Ocaña, Elvira Andres, El Güito, Pedro Azorin, Paco Romero, Manolete, Rosa Naranjo, Goyo Montero, Jose Antonio Ruiz, Jose Granero, Antonio Canales, Paco Fernandez, Aurora Bosch, Carl Paris and a long etcetera .

In 1995 he founded, together with Ángel Rojas, his own company, Nuevo Ballet Español. For more than 20 years, Rojas and Rodriguez have toured the 5 continents, taking more than 23 productions of their own creation to the best theaters and festivals in the world.

Fury, a show commissioned by the PBS, public television of the United States, was on the network’s schedule for 6 months and later sold to the ARTE channel, which broadcast it worldwide for two years, allowing the company to promote its style of Spanish dance fused with flamenco.

With his company Rojas y Rodríguez, Nuevo Ballet Español, he achieves great success with critics and audiences by working with the best artists, creators and directors of dance and theater in our country (José Antonio Ruiz, Antonio Canales, Lola Greco, Ángel Corella, Chevi Muradai, Mayte Bajo, La Lupi, Alberto Velasco, Manuel Liñán, Olga Pericet, Jesús Carmona, Carmelo Segura, Carmen Cortés, etc).

He receives the order to choreograph the French-Canadian musical Don Juan, a production of the Guillette Group, which remains on tour in France, Canada, and Korea for 7 years.

Between 2007 and 2010 he worked in the Spanish National Ballet, as a choreographer and guest star. His most prolific work as a choreographer has been for his own company, with the creation of shows such as Cambio de Tercio, Flamenco Directo, Sangre Flamenca, El Amor Brujo, Titanium, Romeo y Julieta, Canela y Fuego, Gallo de Pelea, Furia, Filigrana, among many other creations with which he gains important experience as a choreographer and artistic director, working with different dance companies.

Carlos Rodríguez was the artistic director of one of the most awarded promotional clips of the year 2017 for the Festival Flamenco Madrid, produced by Madrid Destino.

He is the artistic director of the program Got Talent Spain for Telecinco, as well as being the choreographic coach of the same program. He is also the creator of the show Esencia, of the New Spanish Ballet, commemorating with this production the 20th anniversary of his company.

This last year he has created and directed in Chicago a new choreographic piece, Mar de Fuego, for the Ensamble Español company, in addition to the show of the New Spanish Ballet Azul Vida. Also, he has recently premiered, as a soloist, Bendita.

Rodriguez was the artistic director of the event held in Madrid, the final of the UEFA Champions League 2019. At the same time, he prepared the choreographic creation and artistic direction, together with José Antonio Ruiz, of a Spanish dance and flamenco show, commissioned by the production company Pasión Turca.

Carlos Rodriguez

Guest Artist

  • Carmela Greco



Recognized by the International Dance Council at UNESCO as SPANISH HERITAGE. Member of the United Nations Dance. President of the Foundation: “Jose Greco Foundation for Hispanic Dance”, Master of the Department of Culture at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and director of the Flamenco Seminar in the city of Cadiz.

Her last major work was in 2017, with Marco Flores, as a guest artist in the show: “Entrance to the Game”.

Currently, she is also a teacher of flamenco in the department of culture at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and director/founder of the flamenco seminar in Cadiz.

Artista amores flamencos

Artistic advisor

The advice and contemporary choreographic movement of “Amores Flamencos”, is in charge of Carmelo Segura.

  • Carmelo Segura

He consolidates his career as a Choreographer and Artistic Director in 2012 with the support of the Canal Theaters and the National Dance Company. Among other performing arts institutions.

Currently, some of the productions created at the Canal Choreographic Center continue to tour internationally.

As a choreographer, he is characterized by his creative versatility in contemporary dance productions, musical theater, television, and commercial shows.


  • MAX Awards, a finalist for best choreography, SON, 2018.
  • MIR Award, best dance show, SON, 2017.
  • Act festival best direction and choreography, “OSAKA” – 2016.
  • Talent Madrid, Dance category with the piece “State of Mind” – 2014.
  • Internacional ADAE dance festival, with the piece “Walking City” – 2013


Luis Perdiguero will be in charge of the illumination and creation of the scenic space. The artist will investigate the ways to illuminate the scene always looking for originality and contemporaneity, creating a special universe that marks an innovative style in what refers to flamenco shows.

  • Luis Perdiguero

He has a degree in audiovisual communication from the Complutense University of Madrid and has been working professionally in the theater since 1990. He combines teaching with technical direction, lighting design, and scenography.

Among his works as a theater, dancer, musical, and opera lighting designer, his international collaborations in the Detroit Opera House, the New York City Center, Teatro de la Ville, and the Moscow Ballet Theatre, among others, stand out.

In the national theaters, he has performed at the Centro Drámatico Nacional, Teatro de la Zarzuela and Liceo de Barcelona… He was awarded the Broadway World Spain 2019 Awards for Best Lighting for “El Médico”, the musical.


This part of the show will be run by Victor Tomé.

  • Victor Tomé

A sound engineer by Ecam and founder of Sonicine. Víctor Tomé has more than 30 years of experience, both nationally and internationally.

Currently, he is the technical director of the Corral de la Morería and the Amaya Theatre. He is an expert in live sound, in general, and a specialist in flamenco, concerts, contemporary dance, theater, and events.

In recent years he has specialized in video art, artistic projections, and mapping. He likes the challenges of making sounds and images dance with the movements and, in this journey, with the strokes and colors on the canvas of the Eternal.

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