Amador Losada

With a long musical career, both as a teacher and a percussionist, Amador brings to El Lucero all his experience, both on stage and in the studio, to offer flamenco cajón master classes and participate in some of our shows.

Amador Losada Montoya is a Spaniard with a musical career that goes back more than twenty years, since 1994. After his initial training, he began to work as a percussionist for Aurora, during the release of their first two albums when they went on tour throughout Spain. From 1997 to 2000 he performed alongside José Soto “Sorderita” after he left the musical group “KETAMA”.

In 1998 he began to play percussion on a regular basis at the “Tablao” Casa Patas (one of the most traditional in Madrid) an activity he still carries out nowadays. During that time he developed intensively his performing career, both in Spain and abroad, in different tablaos such as Café de Chinitas, in dance companies such as Rafael Amargo, Antonio Márquez or the Ballet Nacional de España (Spanish National Ballet).

During all this time, he shared the stage with great music authors, especially flamenco authors. Some of these are the singer Vicente Soto “Sordera”, with whom he participated in the Bienal de Sevilla in the Lope de Vega theatre and toured all over Spain; also with Iniesta Cortés and Adrián Galia, in their tours around Japan, among many others.

In addition, he participated in the recording of several albums by artists such as Los Chorbos or ERAY.

Amador Losada

Professional teaching experience

Since 2004 he is a teacher of Flamenco Percussion at the Fundación Conservatorio Casa Patas.

From 2004 to 2014 he was also a percussion teacher at the Conservatorio de Danza de Comandante Fortea in Madrid.
Since January 2007 he is a Professor of Percussion at the school of Mª Paz Lucena.