Carlos Rodríguez

Carlos is a Spanish dancer, choreographer and artistic director, founder of the Rojas y Rodríguez Company (New Spanish Ballet).

He began his dance studies at the age of 8, training in various disciplines of classical ballet, Spanish dance, folklore, “escuela bolera” and flamenco, always with his roots in Spanish dance and flamenco. He learned with top rated teachers like Mariemma, Alberto Lorca, Carmen Roche, Ciro, Carmina Ocaña, Elvira Andrés, El Güito, Pedro Azorín, Paco Romero, Manolete, Rosa Naranjo, Goyo Montero, José Antonio Ruiz, José Granero, Antonio Canales, Paco Fernandez, Aurora Bosch, Carl Paris and a long list of other great masters of dance.

He has a degree in Spanish dance and flamenco from the Royal Conservatory of Dance “Mariemma”.

Carlos Rodríguez has received several awards and nominations in important competitions since 1994, and has worked as a dance performer, choreographer and director in companies and projects of international prestige related to dance.

Profesora Yazmin Arnaudo

In 1995 he founded his own company together with Angel Rojas, Nuevo Ballet Español. Since that Rojas and Rodriguez have been travelling for more than 20 years through the 5 continents, taking their most of 23 productions of our own creation by the best theaters and international festivals.

One of the most important assignments for the company at an international level was the production of the show “FURY” for the American public television station PBS, a show that was broadcast for 6 months for the same channel in North America and then sold to the ARTE channel, where it was broadcast worldwide for two years, thus promoting Spanish dance and the flamenco.

Profesora Yazmin Arnaudo

With his company Rojas y Rodriguez he achieves great critical and public success and manages to fulfill his dream of working with the best artists, creators and directors of dance and theater in Spain (José Antonio Ruiz, Antonio Canales, Lola Greco, Angel Corella, Chevi Muradai, Mayte Bajo, La Lupi, Alberto Velasco, Manuel Liñán, Olga Pericet, Jesús Carmona, Carmelo Segura, Carmen Polite, etc).

They were hire to choreograph the French-Canadian musical show “Don Juan”, production of the Guillette Group, which has been touring France, Canada and Korea for more than 7 years. He worked as a choreographer and guest star for the Spanish National Ballet for 3 years.

Many of his choreographic works have been for his own company: Cambio de Tercio, Flamenco directo, Sangre Flamenca, El Amor Brujo, Titanium, Romeo y Julieta, Canela y Fuego, Gallo de Pelea, Furia, Filigrana and other shows, with which he has acquired an important experience as a choreographer and artistic director for different dance companies.

Carlos Rodríguez was the artistic director of one of the most awarded promotional clips of the year 2017 for the “Flamenco Madrid” festival, carried out by Madrid Destino.

At present he combines his work as a teacher at El Lucero with the role of artistic director of the program Got Talent España for Telecinco, as well as being a choreographic coach for the same program. He has celebrated and created the show of the Nuevo Ballet Español “Esencia”, celebrating with this production the 20th anniversary of his company.

This last year he has just directed and created a new choreographic piece “Mar de Fuego” in Chicago for the Ensamble Español company, in addition to the New Ballet show Spanish “Azul Vida”. He has also recently released “Bendita” as a solo album.

Rodriguez was the artistic director of the event held in Madrid for the UEFA final Champios League 2019. Simultaneously, he prepares the choreographic creation and artistic direction, with José Antonio Ruiz, of a Spanish dance and flamenco show, commissioned by the Turkish Passion production company.

This last year 2020 he has directed and choreographed the event of the opening night gala of the rally Paris/Dakar, in Jedath, with 6 live musicians and 22 dancers, at the same time created the choreography for the musical Don Juan for the production company NDP productios, and directed the choreography of the show Romeo and Juliet ballet in Orlando for the company Flamenco del Sol.

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Flamenco is the best-known Spanish musical style on the whole world and has even been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.