Carmelo Jiménez Martín

Carmelo joins our family of teachers. You will be able to work on your physical and mental well-being in his Yoga, Pilates and Full Body Cardio classes.

Our new teacher is ready to fill his classes with energy and joy. Born in Madrid, Carmelo is widely experienced in the sports world.

He is a specialist fitness instructor and the activities he usually leads include Pilates, Hift, Spinning, Body Combat, Strength Box, Hift, Body Pump, Stretching, Total Core, Hypopressive Gymnastics, Trx and Functional Training. He is also a professional chiropractor.

Carmelo aims to get the best out of people during the classes, during which he will help you feel good on the inside and out. In his yoga classes you will work on the union of body, mind and soul. The constant exercise of all of our muscle groups helps us to gain coordination and flexibility, makes us more aware of our movements and allows us to concentrate and listen to our body. Besides, thanks to the meditation techniques used in Yoga, we are able to disconnect from the outside world and focus on our inner world.

Profesora Yazmin Arnaudo

The Pilates classes, although they usually also include some meditation, are aimed at acquiring a correct body posture, stability and balance. If, on the other hand, you are into explosive movements, in his Full Body Cardio classes you will get in shape and tone your whole body while having a good time.



Yoga, Yoga Dance & Pilates courses

Along with intense physical activity courses, at El Lucero we also have alternatives for those looking for more relaxing activities that connect our physical and spiritual sides. For them we have Yoga, Yoga Dance and Pilates courses, which not only consist on physical exercise, but activities in which we practise controlled movements for body and mind.



Modern dances

Centro El Lucero offers classes in more modern styles such as Funky, Musical Jazz and contemporary dance. Three very different styles that you will be able to learn in our school of dance of the hand of professors and professors specialized in each one of these styles of dance.