Carolina León

Born in Madrid in 1977, Carolina León is a dancer with broad experience both nationally and internationally. León has been developing her talent dancing from a very young age and on two continents. She moved with her family from a very young age to Venezuela, where she began to learn flamenco at the age of 14.

During her time in Venezuela, she founded and directed her own dance school, the Estudio Integral de Flamenco Carolina León. She was the artistic and general director of the center for 15 years. Besides, she was a flamenco teacher and expert choreographer in different age groups and learning levels (Initiation, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional). She also coordinated and was in charge of the training and monitoring of the rest of the team.

Thanks to her study program several of her students graduated and were trained as integral dancers.

León is an expert and dominates the handling of flamenco elements and complements such as the flamenco tailed gowns, shawls, fans, castanets, flamenco box drums, sticks, and hats, among others.

Every year, León and the rest of her team performed a show in her city theater (Valencia, Venezuela) with more than 350 artists on stage in each show. She took charge of the creative and artistic coordination, was the general producer and publicist.

Carolina León

This well-trained dancer has performed shows of international relevance such as “Arrebato”, “Añoranzas” (Yearnings), “Orígenes” (Origins), “A Camarón” (To Camaron) and “Viaje al Sur” (Trip to the South). She has also participated in world-renowned works such as “Carmen de Bizet”, “Bodas de Sangre” (Blood Wedding), “Romeo y Julieta” (Romeo and Juliet), “Don Quijote” (Don Quixote) and “La Leyenda del Zorro” (The Legend of Zorro).

In 2001 she studied Flamenco Dance at the Flamenco school Amor de Dios in Madrid. She learned from great artists like El Guito, Candela Soto, La Truco, Talegón de Córdoba or Carmen La Talegona, her mentor and teacher. She has also studied in other flamenco schools in Spain such as Jerez and Seville, not to mention the renowned schools in Venezuela where she attended from a young age.

She is also experienced in flamenco “tablaos” (the place where flamenco shows are performed). From 2003 to 2010 she was performing at the Sala Rociera el Jaleo in Caracas (Venezuela). Already in Spain, she has performed in such emblematic tablaos as Casa Patas along with the singer Talegón de Córdoba (2011) and more recently in the Torero Espectáculo Essential Flamenco (May 2017) and in the Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo (July 2017).

Showing her versatility and communication abilities (she has a degree in Media Studies) Carolina León is host, producer and broadcaster of the radio program “El Flamenco y sus Tendencias” (Flamenco and its new trends).



Flamenco dance classes

Flamenco is the best-known Spanish musical style on the whole world and has even been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Its long history (its origin dates back to the end of the 18th century), the influence of the many cultures that passed through Andalucía and the fact that it spread to other parts of Spain means that this musical and dance style has many variants, also known as “palos”.



Flamenco cajón classes

Although nowadays it has become, together with the flamenco guitar, one of the basic instruments of flamenco, the truth is that the inclusion of the cajón into flamenco is something relatively recent. It was the guitarist Paco de Lucía who, while on tour in Peru, discovered this percussion instrument and decided to add it to his performances by merging it with flamenco music.

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