Clases de Guitarra Flamenca

During his long career in Flamenco, Daniel has collaborated with many important artists, companies and institutions. He has been a teacher and artist at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza for 18 years, and has been awarded numerous prizes for his musical pieces.

He has been musical director, composer and guitarist in the company of Antonio Najarro, current director of the Ballet Nacional de España (Spanish National Ballet), for 10 years, and with whom he has travelled the whole world. He has also played and composed for the Vivancos. He has accompanied important artists such as Merche Esmeralda, Blanca del Rey and Belén Maya and worked in tablaos such as Corral de la Morería and Arco de Cuchilleros.

He is currently the guitarist of Estela Alonso, who recently won the award for best dancer in the renowned choreography contest in Madrid in its 22nd edition.



Flamenco guitar classes

Among our Flamenco Guitar Courses you will find three alternatives: Group Flamenco Guitar Classes for children, Group Flamenco Guitar Classes for adults and Private Flamenco Guitar Classes so that you can benefit from all the advantages of private lessons.