Emilio Ochando

Emilio Ochando is a director, choreographer, and dancer with long experience and renowned recognition. Ochando was born in Valencia and during his life he has traveled halfway around the world showing and spreading his passion for dance.

When he was only 9 years old he discovered his passion and began his dance training. At the age of 12 he collaborated with the Ballet Nacional de España (Spanish National Ballet) and when he was 16 he decided to move and take the leap to Madrid, where he continued his training in dance in schools as important as the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Madrid (Royal Music Conservatory in Madrid).

Ochando has worked in dance companies and tablaos (places where flamenco shows are performed) all around the world. He joined the dance team and performed as a soloist in companies such as Domingo Ortega, Malucos Danza, Nuevo Ballet Español and Flamenco vivo, among others.

Not only does he explore and develop his talent in dance, choreography is also part of his life and has given him great recognition. He formed his own artistic company and created shows such as “Ida y Vuelta escuela bolera”, “3DEUNO” and “SIROCO”. As he describes it, SIROCO is “the warm wind blowing from North Africa to the central Mediterranean, being a hurricane wind”. A show dedicated to joy and the most intimate feeling of Spanish dance and flamenco. For this show he was a candidate for the MAX 2018 awards for best male performance and best revelation show.

He also created choreographies for prestigious companies such as Rafael Aguilar and for shows such as “Oh Cuba” at the Veranos del Generalife in Granada and “Romeo y Julieta” (Romeo and Juliet) at the EBB company.

His talent as a dancer and choreographer has been recognized many times. In his hometown (Valencia) he won the 4th prize for classical dance in the national dance competition. In Almería, he won 1st prize in the international contest of Spanish dance and flamenco. Already in Madrid, he was awarded the 2nd prize of new creators in Alcalá de Henares, as well as the solo choreography prize of the Spanish dance and flamenco contest at a national level.

He won 1st prize at the “TALENTMADRID2016” at Teatro del Canal and 1st prize in group choreography at the Spanish dance and flamenco contest at a national level, also in Madrid. As an instructor, Ochando holds workshops and masterclasses in countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, London, and Spain.

He currently carries out solo projects nationally and internationally and promotes his shows “3DEUNO” and “SIROCO” in Spanish festivals such as the “Festival de Jeréz” or the “Festival Flamenco Madrid” and abroad as in the “Suzanne dellal festival”.

Emilio Ochando, miembro del jurado en el I Certamen Internacional de Flamenco y Danza Española

I International Flamenco and Spanish Dance Competition



Danza estilizada classes

The danza estilizada is a discipline based in three basic forms of the Spanish dance: the Escuela Bolera, the regional dances and the flamenco. By learning danza estilizada you also learn not only the basic steps of Spanish dance, but also the flamenco pose and body expression, which is very important in the case of Spanish dance.




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