Lucky Losada

Luis Fernández Salazar, with the stage name Lucky Losada, is from Madrid. Born on May 20, 1978, Lucky Losada belongs to a family of great artists. From a very early age, he became interested in art and at the age of 14, he discovered percussion instruments, of which he specialized in the flamenco cajón (box drum).

Since he was very young, he has been performing as a percussionist and accompanying great dancers on stage. He has collaborated with artists such as Antonio Canales in works such as “Torero” (bullfighter), “Gitano” (gypsy), “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” (The House of Bernarda Alba), “La Cenicienta” (Cinderella), and “Prometeo”, among others. He has also collaborated with Merche Esmeralda in the show “Mujeres” (women) with guest artists Sara Baras and Eva “Yerbabuena”.

Other important artists for whom he has performed musical accompaniment are Duquende, Guadiana, Pepe Luis Carmona, Diego el Cigala, etc..

Outside of Spain, he accompanied the singer Enrique Morente and the guitarist Tomatito in a show presented in the Carnegie Hall in New York (2005). He has produced the albums “Sembrando inquietudes” and “Misa flamenca”, by Ramón Jiménez and Tito Losada respectively. He has also participated in the recording of albums of renowned flamenco artists of the Spanish scene. Some of these albums are: “No hay quinto malo” (by Niña Pastori), “Parrita con el Alma” (by Parrita), “Aguadulce” (by Tomatito), “Undebel” and “Picasso en mis ojos” (by Diego el Cigala) and “Cuando el río suena” (by Guadiana).

For years he has been working with the artist Tomatito as a percussionist, with whom he has collaborated in acclaimed shows such as “Sonata Suite”. This show, premiered at the Teatro de la Maestranza in 2004 (Seville), was taken to the stage again in 2008 in Madrid with the collaboration of the Spanish National Orchestra.

Lucky Losada also has experience in the field of musical direction. He was in charge of the direction of the work “Lisistrata” together with Carmona and Juan Parrilla.

Lucky Losada

He is in charge of the organization of the famous Suma Flamenca festival in Madrid, together with the familia de los rubios “cuerpo mente y alma”, Karime Amaya, José Maya, and Juan de Juan.

He has also collaborated in the recent show “Impetus”, by the renowned dancer Jesús Carmona and in others such as “Zambomba Flamenca” in the theatre of La Latina in Madrid.



Flamenco cajón classes

Although nowadays it has become, together with the flamenco guitar, one of the basic instruments of flamenco, the truth is that the inclusion of the cajón into flamenco is something relatively recent. It was the guitarist Paco de Lucía who, while on tour in Peru, discovered this percussion instrument and decided to add it to his performances by merging it with flamenco music.

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