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Luz Madeleine is our new salsa, zumba, and full body teacher. With extensive training and professional experience, Madeleine brings her passion for sports to Centro El Lucero. Born in 1987, Luz has worked in various artistic, dance and sports disciplines.

She is an expert in aerobic gymnastics, from which she has specialized in aerobics, aerodance, step, cycle, functional training and localized training. She has a Master’s degree in aerobics and among her professional experience is that of judge in artistic gymnastics. She is a specialist in bachata and salsa, which she has combined with her training in zumba and full body.

Her passion for sports began when she was just a child, when she became a champion in swimming and backstroke (1st and 2nd place respectively). She also won the championship title in 200mt combined and 2nd place in the national judo championship. Later on, she won 1st place in the Japanese Youth Culture Championship and the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. She also achieved 1st place in the Step championship.

Throughout her long career, she has worked in many gyms and sports facilities as an instructor (Gimnasio Latin Gym, Gimnasio Personal Training Miraflores-San Borja, Smart Fit, Gym Medifit, Gym Enzo, Deporciencia, Colegio Recoleta, MFC performance center, etc).

She is currently a Zumba teacher in the Municipalidad of San Borja. In addition, she is currently teaching Full Body, Basic and Intermediate Dance, Afro, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, is Master Coach of Full Body and Zumba, floor aerobics, Step, Spinning-cycle and Functional Training.

Without any doubt, Luz Madeleine is a professional with a great talent for dance and sports. Her diverse and active career conveys the same energy and movement at the core of any salsa, zumba or fully body lesson. Luz brings all that energy and passion to the classes at Centro El Lucero so our students can make the most of it and have a healthy life while having a great time.



Salsa Courses

Salsa consists of a group of Afro-Caribbean Latin rhythms fused with jazz and other musical genres. Salsa is usually danced in pairs, but it is possible to dance alone. Fixed steps are learned from basic choreographies to ensure the best learning.



Zumba Courses

Zumba is a physical activity that combines aerobic exercises to the rhythm of different styles of Latin music (salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, tango, cumbia, reggaeton…) and it was invented in the late nineties by the Colombian Alberto Perez.

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