Rafael Ramírez Vílchez

Dancer and teacher of flamenco dance
Rafael Ramírez Vílchez is a professional dancer who now joins our team at Centro El Lucero.

From the early age of 3 years he started his training in academies, to end up dancing in festivals and fairs. At the age of 11 she continued with his professional career, collaborating in different events along the Costa del Sol. It was precisely at that age when he began to train in Malaga, which enabled his many doors to the federation of flamenco clubs in the city.

Rafael has extensive experience in the sector: he took an intensive course at the CAD (Centro Andaluz de Danza) with elite teachers such as Miguel Ángel Corbacho (Danza Estilizada) and Olivio Sarrat (Danza Clásica). He also successfully completed another intensive course with a scholarship from the Cristina Hereen Foundation.

Regarding his professional experience as a dancer, it is very extensive: in addition to having participated in the program Mira la Vida (Canal Sur, 2005), he has also performed in flamenco “peñas” (clubs) in Andalusia in the circuit of the 8 provinces with his own group, in private parties, he was a flamenco dancer in Iberos Cruceros (2011), he collaborated with the Flamenco Company with the singer Rocio Bazan with her Christmas show (2013). He also participated in the Strasbourg Music Festival (2014) with the dancer Carmen Camacho.

He was a dancer in the company “Antonio Andrade” member of the Spanish Dance and Flamenco company of Carmen Mota and Joaquin Marcelo (2015-16), participated in the 21st Festival de Jerez with the show “El Encuentro” by David Coria (2017).

In addition, he has received notable awards, such as the 1st Prize of Málaga Crea (2011), 1st Prize of the Andalusian Contest for young flamenco artists (2013) or the 1st Prize of the National Contest of Flamenco Art of Ubrique (2016). He also received recognition as an outstanding dancer in the Madrid Choreography Competition (2018).



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Flamenco is the best-known Spanish musical style on the whole world and has even been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.