Yazmin Arnaudo

Born in Argentina, Yazmin Arnaudo is a promising artist who has extensive training in both classical and contemporary dance as well as yoga and pilates. Her first contact with dance dates back to the age of 6, when she began her classes at the Estudio de Eugenia Calamita de Córdoba (Argentina), her hometown.

Her talent dancing was already visible in 2014, when she managed to rank among the top ten contemporary dancers of the Youth America Grand Prix (Argentina-Buenos Aires). As a prize she got a scholarship to study at Sergio Neglia’s conservatory in Buffalo-New York.

This early dancer joined the company for youngsters “Nueva Línea” at the age of 15, where she obtained a group scholarship to study contemporary dance in New York. That same year she participated in the international contest “Danzamerica” in Argentina and continued her studies at the Taller de Danza Contemporánea of the Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires, under direction of Norma Binaghi.

She also obtained a scholarship to join the company for youngsters BCN City Ballet, was invited to participate in the Certamen Internacional de danza “Ciutat de Barcelona” and, in 2016, joined the school “Barcelona Dance Center”, where she earned a degree in classical and contemporary dance accredited by the Instituto Universitario de Danza “Alicia Alonso”.

Profesora Yazmin Arnaudo

This training allowed her to continue her studies in contemporary dance at the Elephant in The Black Box Junior Company (EBB) with the artistic director Jean-Philippe Dury. In addition, the escuela Danza 180º granted her a one-year scholarship to improve her technique in Madrid. She joined their dancers team during 2017, when she performed choreographies by great authors all over Spain.

Baile contemporáneo

During her time at Danza 180º she met Iker Karrera, one of the directors of the centre, with whom she began to train in a new dance style: “Funky”. In her career as a teacher, in January 2017 she was invited to teach a three classes workshop on contemporary/fusion dance, Performing and Jazz in three different schools in Cordoba (Argentina).

In her professional career, she also had roles as principal actress in “El mago de Oz”, “Casa tomada”, “Partes”, “Mary Poppins” or “Be italian” and acting, dance-theatre and musical theatre courses directed by professionals from Argentina, Broadway and New York.

Besides her knowledge of classical dance, contemporary dance, musical jazz and funky,Yazmin Arnaudo also has experience as a physical trainer of dancers and people interested in toning up, strengthening and gaining physical resistance and took the Pilates teacher course at the centro Dynamo Pilates in Cordoba (Argentina).

Currently Arnaudo is a contemporary dance, jazz and funky teacher at Centro El Lucero, job that she combines with her dancing and teaching studies and the practice of Yoga, mainly the Kundalini technique.



Yoga, Yoga Dance & Pilates courses

Along with intense physical activity courses, at El Lucero we also have alternatives for those looking for more relaxing activities that connect our physical and spiritual sides. For them we have Yoga, Yoga Dance and Pilates courses, which not only consist on physical exercise, but activities in which we practise controlled movements for body and mind.



Modern dances

Centro El Lucero offers classes in more modern styles such as Funky, Musical Jazz and contemporary dance. Three very different styles that you will be able to learn in our school of dance of the hand of professors and professors specialized in each one of these styles of dance.