Our workshops

In addition to our Flamenco and Spanish Dance Courses, Sevillanas, Flamenco Guitar and Cajón, Danza estilizada, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Reiki, which take place throughout the academic year once or several times a week, at El Lucero we also have another training format, the workshops, which, although shorter, will help you learn about the same topics as our classes and some more.

Our workshops

Regularly we organize workshops on the following activities:




Meditation Workshops

We offer throughout the year several meditation workshops at El Lucero. We have both general workshops of this ancient practice (that trains our mind to relax and build our inner energy), and others at certain dates such as the summer solstice, the most magical and longest night of the year.

Intensive Sevillanas Workshops

With our Intensive Sevillana Workshops you will learn all about the general sevillanas courses in less time. You will learn to move your arms and the basic sevillanas steps: the flamenco “zapateado”, the “pasada”, the “giro”, the “paso de sevillanas” and the “paso de vals”.

Spanish guitar workshops

If you’ve always wanted to play the guitar, our Spanish Guitar Workshops are a good way to start. We’ll start by explaining the basic parts of a guitar and we’ll teach you how to make your first chords.




Chi Kung & bioenergetics workshops

We also offer workshops on other disciplines to connect body and mind, such as Chi Kung Workshops, which combine mental focus with gentle body movements and breaths that help increase a person’s energy and strengthen or recover their health condition.

Throughout the year you will find different workshops of solely Chi Kung or others combined with bioenergetics. Bioenergetics understands that human beings have an energy flow that must always be balanced and helps to work on the tensions that alter it to help us recover our energy back.

Cante & palmas por bulerías workshops

Bailaores, cantaores and guitar players have in our Cante por bulerías workshop a great opportunity to learn about this type of flamenco, one of the most lively and joyful styles of flamenco that usually closes all flamenco parties.

Those who prefer to learn about the art of palmeo have a chance to participate in the Palmas por bulerías Workshop, one of the key backings of this musical genre due to its fast rhythm and rolled beats.

Reiki intensive courses

In the intensive Reiki workshops we work with our hands, the instrument that serves to balance the human being as a whole: physically (eases the pain and illnesses, adjusts our metabolism…), emotionally (unhappiness, aggressiveness, relationship failures…), mentally (stress, insomnia, depression…) and spiritually (inner peace, harmony…).


Other workshops

In addition to flamenco-related workshops, Spanish dance, Latin rhythms, ballroom dancing, yoga, Pilates and emotional and spiritual health we also offer workshops in other performing arts and musicals such as Theatre or Lindy Hop.