Yoga for beginners

Everything you need to know to become a yogi

Yoga has become a symbol of physical and spiritual health in the last few years. A physical exercise that, through a combination of body postures, breathing and meditation, helps us to strengthen both our body and mind. Many celebrities claim that they practise it and that they can no longer conceive their lives without Yoga. If you are still uncertain about what Yoga is, its main styles and how to practise it, at El Lucero we will help you to introduce you to this exciting practice. Will you join us?

What is yoga?



Yoga is a combination of physical and mental disciplines that has its origins in India and a strong connection to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It is, therefore, much more than a way of keeping the body fit, it is a lifestyle.

Styles of yoga

Its millenary tradition has led Yoga to develop a multitude of different branches and styles, each one designed to enhance certain states of physical and spiritual well-being (Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bhakti, Iyengar, Karma, Tantra, Jnana, Laya, Raja, Kriya, Sahaja, Anusara, Kripalu…). Here you will find some of the most popular ones.

Hatha, balancing yoga

This yoga practice uses postures that help to eliminate localised blockages in different parts of the body or mind. In addition to working on muscle mass, strength and body elasticity, Hatha Yoga helps to release and let the energy flow. It is the best option for those seeking to correct postural problems while freeing their mind.

Ashtanga, purifying yoga

It is one of the most popular styles of Yoga and helps to connect body and mind, working both physically and energetically. In Ashtanga Yoga, movements are chained one after the other in rhythm with your breath. It is perfect for those who are looking for a cardiovascular physical activity and purifying their body and soul at the same time.

Yin, healing yoga

It focuses on the connective tissue of the ligaments, joints, bones and the nervous and blood systems. Yin Yoga consists of holding each posture for 3 to 7 minutes, bringing the posture to an appropriate limit and deciding to remain still. Bricks, chairs, cushions or blankets are used as support for the execution of the postures. It is especially recommended for people with back and hip pain.

Flow Vinyasa, posture yoga

Vinyasa, also called “flow”, is one of the most widely practised forms of Yoga nowadays. It’s a moving meditation that combines aspects of several different Yoga traditions. The series are harmonised with the breath and change depending on the teacher and the needs of the students. It’s an active, dynamic and intense type of Yoga, which forces you to move very vigorously, making it perfect for those who want to do cardiovascular exercise, lose weight or strengthen their muscles.

Iyengar, body yoga

This is one of the many styles derived from Hatha Yoga. It incorporates elements such as bricks, blankets or straps. Its main objective is to achieve correct body alignment, so in this style of Yoga the positioning of the spine, shoulders, hips, legs and feet is the priority. The number of postures is usually reduced and the postures are held for a longer period of time. Perfect for people who want to correct and improve their body posture.

10 benefits of doing yoga

1. Helps to reduce pain

2. Increases our level of endorphins

3. Improves our flexibility, balance and coordination

4. Increases our concentration ability

5. Delays ageing

6. Helps us to lose weight and keep in shape

7. Reduces our stress levels and helps us sleep better

8. Boosts our immune system

9. Helps us fight hypertension, cholesterol and circulation problems

10. Improves our breathing

Yoga, perfect for children, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly


One of the major advantages of Yoga is that, for most of the styles, it does not require very developed physical conditions. Moreover, as Yoga is a practice that understands that each person is different from another, each yogi performs the movements according to his or her abilities.


For this reason, it is a perfect exercise for children, the elderly, pregnant women (from the second trimester to the postpartum period) and also for professional athletes, who will find in Yoga their best ally to prevent injuries and improve their physical performance.


Do you want to learn Yoga but don’t know where to start? At El Lucero we help you to become a yogi with our Yoga Courses. The teacher Sara Santos will accompany you, with love and dedication, so you can be able to live Yoga as she does.

Sara Santos practising a sequence of Yoga

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