Zumba is a fitness discipline created in the mid-1990s by the Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. The aim of Zumba is to keep the body healthy while developing, strengthening and toning it up. Its choreographies mix Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton.

Since it was created, Zumba has become a hugely popular activity that is practised by an increasing number of people all over the world. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

1. Helps us lose weight quickly

You can lose up to 370 calories in 45 minutes, which makes it one of the most calorie-burning dance disciplines. It will depend, of course, on the intensity and frequency with which we go to class, but you can lose 2 to 3 kg in a month – no more excuses to get in shape!

2. It’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise

Zumba is a high intensity exercise that allows you to elevate your heart rate up to 150 beats per minute. It is a great way to put our heart and blood vessels to work and improve our circulation.


3. All muscle groups are exercised

Although it is true that during Zumba choreographies the lower part of the body is the main focus, the range and variety of movements make us work out all the muscle groups, which means that it is a very complete dance.

4. It’s fun

Who doesn’t like Latin dances? When the music plays you feel that your whole body starts to move without even realising it, an energy flows inside you and makes you want to dance. In Zumba classes, the time flies!

5. Helps to relieve stress

Nowadays it’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t been affected in some way by stress. Big cities, work, rushing around… sometimes we forget how important it is to take a few moments a day to let our minds go blank and breathe. Zumba classes, and sport in general, help us to live in the present and to release endorphins, the hormones directly related to the senses of pleasure and well-being.

Moreover, it has also been widely demonstrated that music is beneficial for the brain. In fact, music therapy, the use of music for therapeutic purposes, is sometimes practised.

6. Stimulates our memory

This is something we don’t usually think about. Even though choreographies are not usually complicated, they require our concentration and attention to learn the steps so that we don’t get lost. Scientific studies have shown that dancing, especially in older people, helps to improve memory and to prevent Alzheimer’s. Don’t wait until you’re older to start exercising your memory!

7. Everyone can do it

Zumba doesn’t understand gender or age. Zumba is designed so that everyone can do it, regardless of their physical condition or previous experience. So if you have no experience in dancing or your physical condition is not the best, don’t worry, you will be able to pick up the rhythm quickly!

8. It’s a great way to meet new people

Dance classes help to get over your shyness and to gain self-confidence. Knowing our own body, being aware of our movements… helps us to free ourselves. In addition, we will meet other people who want to dance and have fun like us, many friendships can come out of the Zumba classes!

Do you want to get your groove on to the rhythm of Zumba and benefit from all its advantages?

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